Nature TV has too much Emphasis on Jaws, Claws and Fangs. Living Adventurously 58

David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder, is a broadcaster, writer, naturalist, photographer and passionate birder - in particular in urban environments: it is possible to see 200 bird species in a year in London. David has been a keen birder 'since the devil was a boy'!

David Lindo, also known as The Urban Birder, is a broadcaster, writer, naturalist, photographer, public speaker, tour leader and passionate birder. Born and raised in London, David loves anything to do with nature, but for as long as he can remember birds have been his particular obsession. David says, "You don’t have to wear green anoraks; you can look cool and fashionable, I find the birds prefer it too.
Get your friends involved.
Find a local patch to regularly visit.
Think that anything can turn up anywhere at anytime - that still works for me to this day.
Don’t go out expecting to see anything. That way you’ll never be disappointed but most likely be surprised. And remember: look up!"

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  • The Urban Birder -
  • In Conversation With interviews -
  • The Great Bustard (went extinct in the UK in 1840) -
  • Birders make annual bird lists. A 'big year' is a personal challenge or an informal competition among birders who attempt to identify as many species as possible by sight or sound, within a single calendar year and within a specific geographic area.
  • 620 bird species seen in London, if only once.
  • Possible to see 200 bird species in a year in London
  • I remember watching a puffin from Hammersmith Bridge
  • Been to 350 cities birding
  • Almost nobody considers birding in cities - you become an urban explorer
  • Wild places exist even inside your house. Nature surrounds you.
  • Been birding since the devil was a boy
  • Birding is my reason for being. It was my destiny.
  • Birding makes me feel good. The moment you connect with nature you feel good. It's a great thing to do when you are in a tight corner
  • Trying to 'sell' birding as a life choice, like meditation or yoga
  • Some ornithogists think urban birding is not 'real' birding
  • You have to work harder in a city to see birds. This hones your skills
  • Anything can turn up at any time
  • Trying to make birding more accessible worldwide. 
  • Cleveland, US. Starting a birding project in an urban, African American neighbourhood.
  • Urban birding is a way of helping people get to know their area
  • Grew up in Wembley, used to explore the local park and wasteground. Exploring wilderness, making camps, making dens, studying the bird life. 
  • The top of tall buildings - the same height as migrating birds
  • Britain's national bird - the robin
  • Homing: on Pigeons. 
  • Did a talk in prisons about birding - everyone enjoyed it and was engaged.
  • Takes urban kids on nature walks. There is a problem with inner city engagement - they don't think it is for them.
  • TV always portrays nature as being out in the countryside, so people in cities think it's not for them.
  • Need to get more nature in the curriculum.
  • Media portrays nature via white middle-class men. That's a problem.
  • Needs to be a wider range of nature programming - not just epic David Attenborough stuff.
  • Nature TV is always about entertainment now. Becomes unattainable.
  • Too much emphasis on jaws, claws and fangs
  • I was born interested. I think I was born as a puma in a previous life.
  • My interest in nature was instinctive. None of my friends and family were interested. 
  • Good to keep areas of gardens wild. Don't over-manicure parks. Allow things to flourish.
  • New housing estates should be built with more green and blue and less grey.
  • Build new houses with holes in for swifts and bats. 
  • You don't need to do a lot to be a birder. Have an open mind and wonderment.
  • It's not that important to know what you are looking at. At first it's just about noticing that it is there. 
  • You don't have to wear green and wellies - you can just go out and be cool
  • If you're single it's great to tell people that you are a birder
  • I'm addicted to custard
  • Early Electric Light Orchestra
  • Money buys you anything and nothing

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