Before You Buy, Ask "Do I Really Need This?" Living Adventurously 57

Dan Lawson is a Team GB 24hr Ultra runner. Dan and his wife Charlotte founded ReRun, a company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment.

ReRun is a Community Interest Company aimed at prolonging the life of running clothes and equipment. Founded and run by Dan Lawson, Team GB 24hr Ultra runner and his wife Charlotte.
They say, "the biggest thing we can do is to ask "do I really need this?" before buying something. It is good for the planet, but also saves you money so you can work less, and therefore spend more time with your family or out in nature."
Adidas makes 400 million shoes a year, but every trainer ever made still exists! So ReRun is trying to eradicate waste in the running community by prolonging the life of every item.
As well as clothing, we talked about Ultrarunning, taking a degree in dance, and the world of Bollywood movies!

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  • ReRun Clothing:
  • Dan ran a half marathon at 12
  • Dan Lawson is now a GB ultramarathon runner -
  • Dan didn't run a marathon until his late 30s - ran it on his own in the South Downs with no training - as the result of an argument with a friend
  • If you want to run a good time in a marathon you have to train, but if you just want to do it then anyone can do it.
  • Charlotte has run a 5.30 marathon. "It was worse than giving birth!"
  • Charlotte - "I like the idea of being a runner"
  • Charlotte wanted to be a Top of the Pops dancer. She went to the Brit school at 14 -
  • Degree at London Contemporary Dance School -
  • "I did all my professional training... and then I got pregnant."
  • A degree in dance - 90 mins ballet, 90 mins contemporary dance, pilates every day
  • Choreography, dance theory, dance history, dance notation, preparing routines
  • Martha Graham -
  • Twyla Tharp - the Creative Habit:
  • C: My love of dance was not creating it, but perfecting somebody else's vision
  • C: dancers are fitter than ultrarunners. Dan agrees. "Dancers are very strong"
  • D: Ultrarunning is easy: you've just got to want to do it. It is more about blocking out the noise in your head than being physically fit.
  • D: I've always had a vice in my life. Running is a vice.
  • What are you running away from?
  • Ultrarunning is a form of self-harm
  • I run to calm my mind - it's like a drug. You need to run longer and longer
  • Running is a moreish addiction.
  • C: Running also brings you joy, Dan
  • D: Running brings me immense joy. I also meditate. Running is like a fast-track to that point of stillness.
  • Runs without headphones so that his mind quietens down
  • The flow state in both running and dancing
  • British Athletics 24 hour team -
  • 24 hour running round a running track
  • UltraGobi 400
  • Charlotte is part of the GB 24 hour support crew
  • Role of crew: don't sleep, don't have empathy/emotion, have to be harsh at them and say "just keep running"
  • Ultrarunning is actually a team game - you can't run far, fast without someone looking after you. The crew is vital
  • Setting off to attempt to break the record for running Land's End to John O'Groats. (Spoiler: he did it! - 9 Days 21 hours 14 minutes 2 seconds
  • Previous attempt Dan just ran out of steam
  • The record for cycling from Land's End to John o' Groats is held by Andy Wilkinson, who completed the journey in 41 hours, 4 minutes and 22 seconds on a Windcheetah recumbent tricycle. 
  • Charlotte danced in Bollywood movies
  • With 2 small children we decided that life could be more exciting and decided to move to India
    Patnem, Goa
  • A lady asked Charlotte what she did for a living. She lied and said "a dancer" because she had always wanted to be a dancer. The lady happened to be an agent for Bollywood movies and offered her an audition. 2 weeks later she was tapdancing to "diamonds are a girls' best friend" on a piano in a 7-star hotel!
  • Dan used to be sponsored by running companies. Got tired of plugging stuff on Instagram to sell stuff nobody needs. It was kind of an ego thing.
  • We wanted to promote something we believe in.
  • In India everything is out in the open, all to see. I went on a run one day and I was crying about the mounds and mounds of rubbish.
  • What are we doing to the world?
  • In the UK we hide away our rubbish, ship it off to other places
  • The easiest way to make changes is to make a change in your own community
  • Let's try to work with the running community to keep as much textiles out of landfill as possible. 
  • 400 million shoes a year - Adidas
  • Every trainer ever made is still here
  • 70% of their donations are race t-shirts
  • Trees not tees -
  • Work with race organisers to offer an option to either have a race t-shirt or plant a tree
  • Race t-shirts are completely plastic - equivalent of 9 plastic bottles
  • ReRun is trying to eradicate waste in the running community by prolonging its life. 
  • People don't go to charity shops to look for running gear.
  • What is the most sustainable sports gear? 1. The stuff in your wardrobe. 2. Pre-loved gear.
  • My ReRun t-shirt - made out of 2 shirts -
  • Gin's Running Stitch:
  • Upcycling is great, but we shouldn't need to be doing it. There is too much clothing out there. 
  • Worldwide we produce 150 billion clothing items a year. 
  • Dan runs always in secondhand or old gear. Doesn't really affect his performance.
  • Tie-dying clothes with beetroot and onion to wear on his LEJoG challenge
  • The more work we do, the more I realise how horrible plastic Polyester is. It is toxic. 
  • Making blankets out of running gear -
  • Would like to see a change in culture whereby we boast of our old, cared, repaired gear on social media
  • The biggest thing we can do is to ask "do I really need this?" before buying something. Good for the planet, saves money, so you can work less, and therefore spend more time with your family or out in nature.

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